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Virtual Offerings

For a variety of reasons, physicality may not be in the cards for us.  I don’t think that means we should never connect…especially when the world we live in is more connected than ever. 

Virtual Girlfriend

This is one of the best things I’ve fallen into as I get to spend my time and energy making you happy while we’re both cosy at home.

Providing everything from game and movie nights to salacious and seductive content I exist solely to fulfill your needs.  No judgement, no shame (unless that’s what you’re into!  I am fetish friendly).

I am (actually, really!) single, so I have the time and very much enjoy providing this.  I do not have an assistant and you are always really talking to *me*.

My Virtual Girlfriend packages are bespoke, because your needs are yours and yours alone.  Having a concrete list of offerings does not allow me the flexibility to bend to your desires.

Examples of things available to indulge in:

Casual texting | Saucy sexting | JOI | Photos | Videos | Voice | Bluetooth toys | Movie/Show/Game nights

Longer activities must be planned in advance.

One Day — 100
One Week — 300
One Month — 900

Saucy Texting

For those looking to just scratch an itch, I offer saucy texting packages independent of my above offerings.

15 minutes — 100
30 minutes — 150

Three 15 minute sessions — 250
Three 30 minute sessions — 400

Five 15 minute sessions — 400
Five 30 minute sessions — 600

Online Content

I am extremely honoured to be a Playboy Bunny.  Working with Playboy was a career and life goal.  They are the pinnacle of class and where luxury and sexuality juxtapose.

On my Playboy site you can subscribe or follow.  A paid subscription will get you daily nude content, and a free follow will get you lingerie and other non-nude content.  It is an excellent way to get a glimpse into all facets of my life and personality.  This is my preferred platform and definitely where I put to most of myself.

I offer solo video and photo content as unlocks because girls just wanna have fun, right?

I do also dabble in POV B/G content.  That is available for purchase on Fansly or OnlyFans as limited releases.  I don’t do a lot, so it’s pretty special and goes fast when I do.  I would like to spend 2023 focusing on solo and G/G.

I am also happy to connect on these platforms and look forward to sharing myself with you in whatever way you desire me.

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