You seek someone who will stimulate your brain.  Someone who will awaken your senses, tantalise your mind, ignite your passion and fulfill your desires. You understand that true arousal starts with the mind and slowly encapsulates the rest of you as time moves on.  We are a perfect match:  I thrive of off the joy of others, and you want to be happy.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy.  My primary love language is Acts of Service and it gives me great pleasure to be able to service you with my Virtual Girlfriend experience! 

A demure and alluring inamorata with a coy half smile. Cascading, vibrant red hair flows onto impossibly soft skin dotted with fine constellations of freckles in all the right places.  Coke bottle curves give you something to endlessly thirst over.

I am easy going, easy to please. We live in a complicated enough world without me having to add anything to it. I am open minded and tend to enjoy most things – most call me flexible. A recent university graduate with a degree in a STEM field, I am taking a break from the rush of the world and really experiencing what life has to offer.

I enjoy a myriad of hobbies ⁠— hiking, yoga, kayaking, DDR (I own a machine), mudding, camping, road trips, photography, painting, digital art, retro TV and gaming to name a few.  An endless basket of surprises awaits, and you’ll have a lot of fun unpacking me during our time.

My secondary love language is giving and receiving gifts. No matter how big or small, the thought and time you put into choosing the gift is what matters most.  And I love all things handmade (doesn’t have to be by you).

I am a straight shooter, what you see is what you get: A multifaceted person with many aspects for you to explore, discover, and enjoy as we get to know each other and build a friendship. The pictures are real, the writing is real, the experience is real.

This is your adventure, and I am your facilitator of good times.

Being a Virtual Girlfriend during these times is one of the best things I’ve fallen into doing as I get to spend my time and energy making you happy while we’re both safe and comfortable at home.  Providing everything from game and movie nights to salacious and seductive content I exist solely to fulfill your needs.  I am infinitely adaptable and can be almost anything you want or need me to be.  No judgement, no shame (unless that’s what you’re into!  I am fetish friendly).

Virtual Girlfriend Experience

My Virtual Girlfriend packages are bespoke, but as an example can include any of the following:

  • Casual texting
  • Saucy sexting
  • JOI
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Voice
  • Bluetooth toy play
  • Movie/TV Show nights
  • Game nights

I am also open to any activities that strike your fancy that we can do virtually.  My full time packages are:

  • 75 / One Day
  • 300 / One Week
  • 900 / One Month

And include weekends.  All packages are custom designed based on your wants and need.  Contact me to get started. 

I also offer a few Fansly Exclusive packages only available to my Fansly Gems:

  • Part Time vGFE — casual chatting throughout the month + all content released — 150 / month
  • Daily vGFE — casual chat at least 1x per day + other activities (your choice) 1x week + all content released  — 300 / month
  • Full Time vGFE — casual chatting throughout the day (weekends off) + other activities 2x week (your choice) + all content released — 499.99 / month

I am very excited and look forward to you becoming my vBF!  If you have any questions at all, please contact me!


For those looking to scratch an itch rather than build a connection I offer sexting packages as well.

  • 100  /  15 minutes
  • 150  /  30 minutes

If you have multiple itches, I do offer bundles.  Business up front, pleasure organically at our mutual convenience:

  • 175  /  Two 15 minute sessions
  • 275  /  Two 30 minute sessions
  • 250  /  Three 15 minute sessions
  • 400  /  Three 30 minute sessions
  • 325  /  Four 15 minute sessions
  • 525  /  Four 30 minute sessions

  • 400  /  Five 15 minute sessions (20% off)
  • 600 /  Five 30 minute sessions (20% off)

To schedule a sexting session please send me an email or a message on OF or Fansly to set up a time!

Dick Ratings

I know you hear a lot of jokes about ‘dick pics’ and that must be hard to deal with, especially if you’re an exhibitionist.  Or you have a nice cock.  Or you just love to see and hear women worship your penis.  Whatever your reason or desire, I am here to fulfill it with no judgement.

15  /  Text
25  /  Audio
75  /  Video

You will get a wholly enthusiastic rating as well as a description of everything I’d like to do upon seeing it.  I love penii of all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles.  This entitles you to send one photo.  Please enclose an extra 5 for each additional photo you wish for me to rate for you during the session.

Send me an email, or a message on OF or Fansly to get started!


Centerfold:  Subscribe and tip the appropriate amount in a private message.  Send me a DM telling me what you seek.

Fansly:   Subscribe to the appropriate tier for what you’re looking for.  If seeking a DR or Sexting session, send me the payment via DM.

OF:  Send me the payment for what you seek via DM.

Cashapp or Crypto:  Contact me