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You are

and the one I am here for.  My favourite thing to do is spoil and pamper.  I take great pleasure in bringing you happiness.  I am but white clay — infinitely adaptable in your firm, warm hands.  I bend and mould to be what you need, when and how you need it.

a new adventure.  You are looking to share time and space with someone who sparks inspiration and ignites your passions.  

stimulate your brain, awaken your senses, tantalise your mind, ignite your passion, and fulfill your desires. 

You know it’s the who as much as the what that truly creates the experience. 

good company and making memories. You understand that what’s real is always worth it, and a good investment in yourself will always pay off.

for the simpler times and wishes to help you escape the demands of life, if only for a few hours.  You seek someone who isn’t preoccupied by politics, their phone, or social media to unwind and decompress with.

and makes it a point to always exercise discretion. You enjoy being the centre of attention in a small audience, but prefer to blend in seamlessly in public. You value a companion who can do the same.

I am...

n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door with an enigmatic twist; Acronym: MELISSA: MEntire Life Is SpenStriving Ahead.

You can call me Melissa, Missy, or Mel.  I love each of them for different reasons and all three have a unique story.  I smile a lot, say y’all, have a mixed Western Canadian / Rural Appalachian accent, a whimsical disposition, and I love to make others happy.

One could describe me as walking contradiction, an artist, a creative writing enthusiast, and a perfectionist who enjoys both the simpler and finer things in life — they’re not mutually exclusive.

I am infinitely adaptable and endlessly flexible.

but my hair is always an unnatural shade of red, because it’s more fun.

I stand at 5’5” (5’9” in heels) with a quintessential hourglass figure. I wear a size “small” in bottoms and the tag on my bra says 32GG.  They’re not biodegradable, I’ll save you from having to ask.  I was a 32DD and wanted a little more oomph to go with the caboose.

I weigh around 120lbs but don’t actually own a scale because I don’t feel the need to measure gravity.  I am a size 2.

I have impossibly soft sunkissed skin dotted with fine constellations of freckles, only meant to be counted by lips.

I describe myself as bubbly and outgoing bordering on vivacious.  But I’m sure you can find a good way to shut me up if you desire.

I was born on the tail end of things being built to last.  I’ve sculpted myself as an adaptive and resilient person ready for whatever life has in store for me. I was latch key for most of my childhood leading me to desire self sufficiency from a young age.

I grew up on the back of a motorcycle, and often times it was the only transportation we had (yes, even in winter).

I graduated at 16, became emancipated and worked odd jobs to figure out my next move.  After finding my footing, I began to travel.

My degree is in Creative Technologies which is the point where art and computers meet. I had a solo gallery show a few years ago, after I moved back to the States from Vancouver BC.  I split my time between digital media and mixed media sculpture and paintings.

In the summer, my yard is my canvas as I have over an acre to be creative with.  I enjoy growing both flowers and food.  I also have an arcade machine in my garage, a firepit, and a couple of kayaks.  I live by the adage of creating a life you never need a vacation from.

I am a simple person who lives a simple life on my own terms.  The world is complicated enough and I see no reason to add to that when my goal is to help you relax.

for you to unwrap and explore.  I’m an artist, Creative Technologist, retro (and occasional modern) gamer, 3 pedal enthusiast, budding homesteader, home cook, writer,  outdoorswoman, wish granter, entertainer, confidant and friend…but my favourite role to play is your muse.

I love to know things. I’m not a trivia bot, nor am I interested in trivia. I just like to know useful things, and I am always willing to learn.  I like to say to say, “I know a little about a lot.”

One of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet, but also the most driven.  A subscriber to the “live and let live” philosophy.  Anti-drama, anti-judgement, and keeps out of others’ business.  Supporter of all personal liberties, not just those that line up with my ideological beliefs.  Open minded to most things that don’t end in -ism, involve hate, or harming people.

My biggest interest is actually simply “being outside”.  If it’s outside, I want to do or try it. I enjoy the rainy season as well and enjoy going on walks/runs/hikes year round.  I also love learning things, no matter how “useful” they may seem now.  Some of those most useless pieces of knowledge I hold have come in really clutch.

As a subscriber to a simpler way of life, I do not own a smart phone, opting for a Nokia for emergencies instead.

When I am with you, you are not competing for my attention mentally or physically.  I am completely focused on you and our time together, with no potential distractions.

I live by the adage of treating others how I want to be treated, and if I were in your shoes I would not want to be ignored for Instagram.

Let’s break the fourth wall for a moment here:

If I wrote all of this and couldn’t live up to it, or if I didn’t really look like these photos…what would be the point?  You would meet me once and see its a façade.  The only surprises and discoveries I want during our time are happy ones.

I believe in portraying myself exactly as I am so as to minimise any chance for potential disappointment on your end.  We are both here right now for you.

Being a luxury companion and a snob are not the same.  Luxury is not a checklist of brands you must own to be luxurious.  True luxury is more about bespoke quality than a popular name.

There’s no ulterior motive on my end other than being a decent person and wanting people to walk away happy vs ripped off.  I do this to save you headache and I do this because I understand the value of your money.  Time is our most valuable resource, and — just like me — you invest that for your money. 


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