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Are you ready to be desired?

1-10:  NC & On Demand
11-12:  Wilmington, DE
13-20:  Boulder, Denver, CO Springs
24-27:  NC & On Demand

1-3:  Nashville, TN
4-28: NC & On Demand
29-31: Wilmington, DE

1-4: Central PA
5-31: NC & On Demand

1-20: NC & On Demand
21:  St Louis, MO
22:  Kansas City, MO
24-31: Boulder, Denver, CO Springs

1-3: Seattle, WA
3-5: Sacramento, CA
6-7: Denver, CO
9-30: NC & On Demand

Birthday is June 20th!!  Plan ahead if you want to spend it with me.

Every game has rules, and this one is no different.  Luckily, my rules mostly boil down to “Don’t be an asshole” which is pretty simple as long as you aren’t an asshole.

I truly believe in the adage ‘treat others as you wish to be treated’.  You are not a predator, nor do I wish to treat you like one. But right now, you are a stranger.  And much like you did your homework on me (through looking at my various websites, ads, social media pages, livestreams, interviews, and writings) I would like to do mine on you.  I think that’s pretty fair, don’t you?

I don’t want a photo of your ID, and I don’t need to talk to other people you’ve been with.  

My screening requirements are simple: First and Last name, birthdate, city, phone number, occupation.  If your name is very common, I may follow up for a middle initial. 

I like to keep it easy and painless for both of us.

Cities and Minimums

I live in rural Appalachia and visit select cities regularly.  However, 99% of my visits are Drive/Fly Me To You. 


Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Charlotte:  :  2 hours
Raleigh, Asheville:  3 hours
Cherokee, Wilmington, Fayetteville:  4 hours

Eastern TN:  2 hours
Rest of TN:  4 hours

Anywhere along I-77:  2 hours
I-81 Bristol to Blacksburg:  3 hours
I-81 North of Blacksburg:  4 hours
I-64 or I-66:  4 hours
DC:  6 hours

4 hours.  Nice and easy.  Congrats on being a small state.

2 hours when already in DE, 4 otherwise.

When in Wilmington:

PHL & KOP:  2 hours
Altoona & Scranton:  3 hours
Central PA:  3 hours
State College/Western PA:  4 hours

When I am already in Wilmington or PA, 4 hours.


The minimum for a pit stop is 2 hours and can be in any city with a hotel along I-70.

Want me to go I-80 instead of 70?  I can do that.  The tolls suck, but it’s a way better route! The minimum pit stop is 3 hours (4+ if you want me to detour to Chicago)

I keep a secondary residence west of Denver and spend a fair amount of time there.  When I am in town my minimums are:

Denver & Boulder:  2 hours
CO Springs:  3 hours

I visit Sacramento on personal business 1-2 times a year.  You can see me when I am in town for a 2 hour minimum.

When I am in Sacramento I will come to San Francisco for a 4 hour minimum.  

When in Seattle, 3 hour minimum

I hit once or twice a year.  Sometimes more!  Catch me then:

Seattle:  2 hours
Tulalip:  3 hours
Bellingham:  3 hours
Blaine:  4 hours

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